Monday, June 3, 2013

Still Here

Due to our computer dying and a bit of a wait on new parts, I had an unintended blog hiatus. But I'm back!

Since the last post, I've had a birthday. I was spoiled with a little surprise party at the local Mexican restaurant on my actual birthday and then we had another family bday party at my parent's house on the weekend after:

A bday present

 And the boys have continued to grow like crazy:


  1. Great pictures :-):-)
    Sorry about your computer.
    Izzy had a haircut. Very cute.
    Great family party pictures.
    Love the guitar painting. Artists at work.
    Did you see my cacti and succulents?

  2. Hey, where's the picture of you in the sombrero? Looks much better on you. Happy birthday mama!

  3. Very nice pictures of all my beautiful kids and grandkids.


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