Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Good Decision

Growing up I wanted nothing more than to get away from my small home-town. As soon as I turned 18, I moved away and barely looked back. I'd make my family come to visit me in central and southern Michigan, Boston, and California and never imagined myself back "home," but once I had my own kids my feelings started to change. I really wanted my boys to grow up with a strong family support system.

So, after many years away, I found myself picking up and moving back across the country to be near my family and, honestly, it was the best decision that I've ever made (thanks for going along with it Shawn!!). Don't get me wrong - my home-town is still nowhere near my ideal place to live, but I couldn't ask for a better upbringing for the boys.

When I see them playing with their cousins, cuddling their beloved Aunt Laura & Uncle Nathan, or how much they adore Grandma and Grandpa, I know that we are right where we're meant to be. We do weekly family dinners, holidays, birthday parties, family activities, etc. and it’s so amazing to see how much the boys have gained from these relationships (us too by the way!).

I don’t really see us staying long-term in our current location, but I know that wherever we end up I want this crazy bunch close by.

(Don't mind Noah trying to make a great escape)


  1. Very sweet, yep, good folks, the lot of 'em. You're welcome. ;)

  2. Awwww. Very sweet. :)

    And love the pic!! Noah makes it just perfect.

    1. Ha, it's pretty ironic that Noah appears to be trying to flee the family that I'm raving about :-0 I swear he's crazy about them though.

  3. I am so lucky to be the Mom, and Grandma to this wonderful family. I couldn't ask for a nicer family.


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