Thursday, July 2, 2015


Just chillin' and wearing the "Russian hat":

Hanging at the children's museum for a recent birthday party:


  1. It's nice to be back over here, thanks for commenting on my blog and reminding me! Your boys are so adorable and always having such a good time. I actually thought of you guys while we were in Monterey. Wish we'd had more time, our little trip flew by! But we had a blast. Darin says he recommends the poet George Sterling, who started kind of an artist retreat of poets and writers in Carmel around the early 1900s. Clark Ashton Smith was more of a loner who lived in Pacific Grove for several years. Both writers are more of the fantasy - fantastical vein, so might only appeal if you are into that kind of thing! I'm going to check out more of your adventures now. :)

  2. Good times with the Russian hat, that thing is always a hit! :)


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