Monday, April 6, 2015


You know how in blog-land everyone is happy and has a great time doing everything and then they show you all the lovely family pictures from said happy adventures?

Well...I'm going to be honest here...we recently visited Pinnacles National was not a successful trip. I was grouchy, the kids were grouchy, Elijah was hot and screaming his head off, people were shooting me angry looks for having a screaming baby that was disturbing their nature time, and, by the end of the trip, Shawn was also grouchy because his whole family had been a bunch of whiners :-)

(For the record, I'm sure Pinnacles National Park is a wonderful place and we plan to go back when we get a chance. I'm sure we'd love it if it weren't so stinking hot and we could actually enjoy the trip without a baby screaming at us. As it stands now, Noah and Isaiah asked, "Can we never go there ever again?")

Oh well you win some, you lose some, I guess. 

I hope everyone had a happy Passover and Easter!

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