Friday, May 2, 2014


If I ever decide to move away from my beloved Monterey County, it would be to move just across the San Benito County border to the little town of San Juan Bautista. Visiting SJB is like taking a step back in time. I am smitten!

SJB is home to the San Andreas Fault
Any town with random chickens and roosters roaming the streets is my kinda place :-)

I suspect we'll be spending a lot more time in this adorable little town. 


  1. That's a fun place, I'll always remember the races the boys and I had. :)

  2. Melissa, you take terrific pictures.

  3. Now this looks like the type of place Aaron and I would love to stop on a road trip. Small towns oozing with history and occupied by random roosters are the best!! We really need to plan a West Coast trip. Beautiful pictures as always. I feel as though I've been transported!

  4. Thank you! Yes, I highly recommend visiting San Juan Bautista (along with a lot of the other mission towns really)! I think SJB is my favorite that I've visited so far, but San Juan Capistrano is also pretty cool.

  5. After reading your comment on my blog (thank you! And Seaside wasn't really THAT bad...I actually love that whole area, especially Monterey and Pacific Grove) I came over here and I am catching up on your blog, such fun! Your boys are absolutely adorable, I'm smitten! And this post is making me die that we didn't stop in San Juan Bautista. When researching for our family trip I had made a mental note that I wanted to visit this bummed it didn't happen. Guess another trip is due soon :)


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