Wednesday, May 14, 2014


When my parents were here, Shawn and I were able to go on THREE dates, which is totally unheard of since we've moved. Honestly, the first date was a little awkward (sort of like a real first date), but we slowly got re-adjusted to uninterrupted adult conversation by dates two and three. I think we'll try for that fourth date when Grandma and Grandpa visit again.

Date #1 - Thai in Pacific Grove (slightly awkward first date)
Date #2 - Really amazing Chinese at Full Moon in Monterey (much less awkward)
Shawn broke out his best senior picture poses for our third date (super good Indian food at Ambrosia in Monterey). Btw he may kill me for posting this - that last picture cracks me up.

Backyard fun: 

Park fun: 

Sand Angel

And dinner with Jordan and family: 


  1. talk about cute! so glad you two could go out again..haha love the adjustment back into just the two of you! XOXOXO

  2. Oh my goodness they are soooooo adorable! Was so great to visit you guys. Your are in my thoughts always. Can't wait to come back for another visit. It's very nice you have Jordan and family for friends. She seems like a super nice person. Love you all. Stay cool. :-)

  3. Bahaha I know what you mean about that first date feeling. Aaron and I always just hang around the house and if we do end up going out it's super casual. The other night we had a fairly formal dinner out just the two of us and we had to laugh because it was totally awkward at first. We were sure everyone in the restaurant thought we were on a horrible first date ha! Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun. Such cuties!


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