Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas!! We celebrated yesterday and, as usual, the boys were spoiled rotten. Thanks family!

It was such a fun day, but a little bitter-sweet because it is likely our last Michigan holiday celebration. Once we move, I'm boycotting Michigan during the winter :-)

This year Isaiah is obsessed with all things Jake:

And Noah can't get enough of Curious George and The Smurfs (in fact he has declared that his middle name is now Smurf - Noah Smurf, if you please).

 Check out this Christmas dress - what a cutie!

 Oh how we'll miss these beautiful people!

Again, Merry Christmas!!!



  1. Great pictures. I like the snow effect. What show is Jake in?

    1. Thanks! Jake & The Neverland Pirates is Siah's absolute favorite!

  2. It was a very nice get together. We have a nice family, the boys and us can look forward to coming out for vacations!

  3. Love, love, love the pictures. Going to miss these adorable little boys. Please God keep them sa fe on their trip to CA. I am also going to miss my sweet Melissa, who is such a lovely person. Shawn, too. He is a wonderful person. I wish you all a very happy and warm life in sunny CA.


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