Monday, December 9, 2013


Honestly some of these pictures are a little bit old (like from Meg's visit in October), but I have just never gotten around to posting them. Oops!

More Hanukkah fun with friends:

Best latkes ever!!

AND it's Christmas time:

Grandma & Grandpa's tree

The lovely and talented Meg paid us a visit. Yay!

Farewell brunch with the equally lovely and talented Stephanie. Yay again! 

And some pics of my favorite boys in the world:

That "favorite boys" thing also includes these guys:

What a handsome Grandpa!
Uncle Wheat Thin!


  1. What a bunch of beautiful people. What am I going to do without you all? You will be oh so missed. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Beautiful warm days, and tons of love.

  2. I'm famous!! :) So glad I got to be part of your life recently!! xo

  3. Aww, nice memories, we have a great little group between us. You guys just all have to move to Cali...we have an extra room for you all. You can all pile in there. :)

  4. aww so fun when family and friends get together!


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