Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I'm so behind on posting (and, well, pretty much everything else) because of the move, so please forgive this delayed look back at Halloween 2014.

Despite the fact that it was absolutely pouring, we had a blast trick or treating and meeting the new neighbors. We love this neighborhood!

This is Isaiah being a scary, scary monster. The horror!

Noah and Isaiah are OBSESSED with Curious George, so they both opted for George costumes. Elijah was a little frog. The first picture makes me laugh because Shawn is smiling, but all the kids look miserable. I swear they were having fun! Really!

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!

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  1. I live our new neighborhood! Halloween was a blast and I'm looking forward to many more nights of trick or treating...hopefully sans rain. Fortunately, the boys loved it.


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