Friday, August 22, 2014


Summer would not be complete without a trip to the fair. We spent a day at the Salinas Fair and Shawn won a GIGANTIC penguin that the boys have named Chuckleberry. 

Chuckleberry is the enormous beast hanging above Shawn's head

 Jordan and I paid a visit to the Jardines de San Juan -  an absolutely beautiful Mexican restaurant in San Juan Bautista. I have to get back there and get some shots of the gorgeous courtyard. 

Jordan also introduced me to one of her favorite restaurants, Bay of Pines in Monterey. It's a pirate-ship-themed organic restaurant with some pretty outstanding tiramisu. I'm not even a big dessert fan, but that stuff was hella good. 

 And Shawn's main birthday wish was to visit a Fuddrucker's (apparently he'd wanted to go there as a kid and never had a chance), so we trekked up to the Bay Area for a day of burgers and fun.

And just look how happy he was!
Elijah always generously offers me some of his bottle


  1. Those just have to be the cutest little boys EVER! Glad Shawn made it to Fuddruckers, and had a good time. Nice you get to go with Jordan and fun stuff. Love you all.

  2. so fun! that last GIF is the sweetest and shows all the love in your cute fam!!


  3. Hah hah, that was fun, a dream come true! And Chuckleberry had become a part of the family...he's also the kid's magic airplane, so that's good.


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