Thursday, March 20, 2014


 We had a really FULL weekend, so I'm going to break up the fun over a few posts. One of the things we did is visit My Museum (Monterey's Children's museum).

The boys were sooooo stoked about the kid-size door!
Ultra creepy!
Sweet Eli stuck in the Ergo Carrier - he CANNOT wait to run around with his big brothers

And here are some pics of general fun around the house: 

Sometimes you just gotta dance
Little Angel
One of Noah's favorite things is to find gross stuff in the yard (bugs, etc.) and try to scare me with it. He can barely contain his delight here.
Brotherly Love
The boys LOVE Curious George and they wanted to try to make "solar lasagna" like George did when the power in the city went out. They ended up getting hungry though and asked if I could just go microwave it :-)


  1. Hah hah, those are some great pics. What fun we're having! I do especially like the special effects dance, Superstar! I guess Noah takes after me in wanting to share you with gross bugs. :)

  2. OMG! Those are just the most adorable little boys EVER! I can't wait to see them again. Miss them so much.

  3. Love the pictures. Life size Operation game-cool. When I was in High School I worked part time in Woolworth's pet department and aside from birds and common pets we had piranhas (kept in a locked aquarium) and caiman. I would take a caiman and hold it. The kids loved it-the parents not so much. :-)


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