Friday, August 31, 2012

My Two Boys


Noah is our super out-going boy. He is constantly saying "hi friend" or "hi neighbor" to everyone he sees. He's a little comedian (so much so that it's sometimes hard to punish him when he's doing something naughty because it's so hilarious). We can see him going into acting or comedy down the road. He's got a hot-temper sometimes, but can be such a sweet charmer when he wants to be.

With Great-Grandma



While Noah has a fiery side, Isaiah is our gentle soul. Isaiah is quick to offer a smile (even when being pushed around by his big brother). He loves to dance (he can't even hear music without involuntarily starting to rock out) and does a funny creeping walk that is a major crowd pleaser. He's a cuddle-bug and loves to give big slobbery smooches and Eskimo kisses. 

With Grandpa

With Stephy-Steph

I am so lucky to have my two unique and wonderful boys!


  1. Great pictures and comments. :)

  2. I cannot believe how big they've gotten! I miss those little faces!

    1. Yeah, they're growing up so fast it's crazy. Come visit! They'd love to see you (and so would we)!


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